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We’re now offering telehealth services for new and existing patients!

About Us

As an essential healthcare worker, Dr. Kamal Vaid would like to remind all his patients and prospective patients that it's especially important, during times like this, that you have immediate access to healthcare providers. You health is a priority and having accessibility to your Chiropractic Physician is vital. Whether it's for a simple check-in or for increased stress and dysfunction of the body, we want to make sure you're at your best! In addition to coming into the clinic for treatment, we are offering telehealth services to address the following: New complaints of pain/ discomfort, Musculoskeletal conditions, Existing pain/ discomfort, Stress/ Mental Health evaluations and Nutritional Counseling.

Dr. Kamal Vaid, DC remains dedicated in providing his iCARE philosophy to his patients and communities across the Chicagoland area. Call (312) 779-0335 to schedule your in-clinic or telehealth appointment now!

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